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Hillfoot sub-contract services for 2017

23rd December 2016

Hillfoot Multi Metal engineering and technical services

Hillfoot do more than simply stock and deliver carbon and alloy steel, we also offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure you receive your steel in the form required for your production process.

Utilising our in-house expertise and long-established relationships with specialist sub-contractors, we can supply technical and engineering services that deliver efficiency improvements for our customers.  

Our service offerings for 2017 include:


Hillfoot have a large base of sub-contract partners who we work closely with, utilising the combined expertise to make products such as:

    • Rough machined & heat treated rings
    • Subsea oil & gas components
    • Mandrels
    • Drill collars
    • Top hats

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your project requirements.

Heat Treatment

We have a number of heat treatment partners, which allows us to offer an excellent range of processes from specialist one-off small part treatments to large 25-tonne capacity treatment batches.

The range of treatments available includes:

  • Annealing
  • Normalising
  • Quench & temper
  • Age & precipitation hardening
  • Solution annealing
  • Stress relieving
  • We can offer quench mediums of air, water, polymer and oil, case carburising and post-weld heat treatment.
  • A fast-track service is available for heat treatment work.
  • Our heat treaters have in-house mechanical and metallurgical testing laboratories, which means we can provide testing as an integrated service with your heat treatment requirement. Alternatively, we have a more in-depth test-only service available (see below).

Testing / Non-Destructive Testing

Hillfoot offer a wide range of testing services including, but not limited to:

    • Metallographic testing
    • Mechanical testing
    • Elemental analysis
    • Wet chemical analysis
    • Failure investigations
  • We also provide non-destructive testing processes, including:
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Magnetic particle inspection
    • Dye penetrant inspection
    • Positive material identification
    • Hardness testing
  • These non-destructive testing processes can be carried out on our site or at your location.

A fast-track service is available for testing work.


Our machining services utilise both conventional and CNC machinery. Capabilities include:

    • Deep-hole boring upto 10M long
    • Manufacture of small CNC machined components
    • Gun drilling from 5mm-50mm I.D. lengths from 12mm to 4M
    • Off-set boring
    • Blind boring
    • Drilled & tapped holes

A fast-track service is available on machining work.

Centreless Peeling & Grinding

Utilising our established centreless peeling sub-contractors, we can remove heat treatment surface defects and scale without the need of centre holes.

We can offer diameters from 20mm-210mm, lengths from 2.5M-12.5M, tolerances as tight as +/-0.003” and reeling to a straightness tolerance of 1:200 upto 75mm Dia.

Through grinding, we can provide finish tolerances from 5mm-75mm diameters, from 1M to 15M in length.


Our forging partners can ring roll, GFM or upset forge to precise dimensions to meet your exact requirements.

Additional Services

Hillfoot also offer the following specialist services:

    • Shot blasting and bar cleaning to remove rust or scale encountered through heat treatment processes
    • Straightening to 1:1000
    • Project management of third-party witness testing using our established relationships with Lloyds, DNV and ABS.

Contact a member of the Hillfoot team for further details of our services or to discuss your requirements in detail.

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