Impacted by Category 12 steel quotas? Make your voice heard.

An important update on what we’re doing about this - and how you can help too.

Following our earlier article on the quota changes introduced by the Trades Remedies Authority on certain Category 12 products on 1 January 2022, this latest update sets out our position on this, explains what we’ve been doing to influence a change, and how you can help too.

Firstly, we’re not against the introduction of quotas, but we want them to reflect a realistic level - given the lack of commercially viable UK production options for our specific product types, those being hot rolled rounds of carbon and low alloy engineering steel.

Here’s the latest news on our campaign to influence change:

  • Last Friday (March 4) we had a very positive and productive meeting with our MP, bringing her up to speed with the issues around the quota number on our products and explained how it isn’t sufficient to support UK needs.
  • We also explained how there wasn’t a viable UK supply option for our products.
  • We also advised on how poor the HMRC tool is regarding the quota count.
    In particular, we drew her attention to the delay in the HMRC reporting of the information which has given us no confidence for decision making when the quota is at a critical level.
  • We also advised her of the risks associated with getting the quota level wrong, with the application of a 25% tariff.

As a consequence of last Friday’s meeting, our MP is now formally putting our questions and issues to the House of Commons which will also be logged for public access. She is also writing directly to the Secretary of State for Business to request a meeting at Hillfoot. We’ll keep you updated on this.

In addition to the above we’ve also:

  • Established a direct contact at HMRC who will respond speedily to what the actual remaining quota is, rather than relying on the delayed HMRC system information. This means we’ll have the best possible picture, as soon as possible.
  • Contacted (part of the DTI), who review and set quotas, so that we can fully understand the issues relating to the accuracy of the quota information and to put forward our case for a quota change.
  • Contacted, a case team within the Trade Remedies Authority who are carrying out a reconsideration around the Steel Safeguards outcome, to explain the challenges Hillfoot and UK Manufacturing are facing due to the TRQ’s (Tariff Rate Quotas).

So what can you do to help?

The more voices we have, the more we can influence change.

Firstly, please email your local MP with the subject heading “URGENT - Category 12 Import Quota Changes - Impact on UK Manufacturing”. Explain in your email the effect that these quotas are having on your business and seek their support for change.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find contact details for your local MP. Contact your MP - UK Parliament

Secondly, it would really help our cause if you could raise your concerns via the traderemedies email addresses in points 2 and 3.

Again, ask for clarification on the accuracy of the quota information and raise awareness of the impact Category 12 Tarrif Rate Quotas are having on your business. Make reference to product order numbers ‘58103’ & ‘58100’ which relate to quotas for product types of hot rolled rounds of ‘carbon’ and ‘low alloy’ engineering steel respectively.

And finally, we’re continuing to back requests from our European suppliers in challenging the safeguarding measures in order to protect availability of products to UK manufacturing.

We’ll be posting more regular updates on our social media platforms, so be sure to follow us on LinkedIn - and please contact us if you have any questions on this matter.