A High-resistance, Hard Wearing Specification for a New Overseas Recycling Project


Product Development, Contractual (Future One)



With many of our clients now looking at recycling initiatives, we were excited to spec some of our hard grade steels for a project that needed a high level of wear resistance and toughness for a range of cutting and shredding processes.  

This is a really good example of how we supported a client to diversify into the growing recycling sector and consolidate their reputation for quality and dependability in a hugely competitive marketplace.

Our client called on us to deliver our hard wearing grades, predominantly 655M13, as they needed a highly dependable solution that could manage constant repeat process, with minimum downtime caused by maintenance and repair. 

As certain elements of the assembly were considered consumable, the client also needed assurances around the availability of material, often with very short lead times in responses to potential breakdowns or the need for replacement components.

Given their overseas location, a key part of our supply contract was to set up a consignment stocking contract whereby we held sawn goods in a number of agreed sizes, lengths and grades - which meant they had immediate availability for materials needed for routine breakdowns or replacement. Consignment stock was then reconciled against stock used, with Hillfoot topping up to the agreed stock levels at the end of each month.

“With super tight lead times we were able to create a 12 month supply contract which gave the client the product availability that they needed, coupled with full transparency over costs, and sufficient feeder stock held for them at our Sheffield HQ to ensure swift and seamless replenishment. As a company committed to sustainability it’s great to work on projects such as this which enable our clients to diversify into commercial ventures that promote sustainable practices.”