Recycling, Automotive / Motorsport, Off Highway, Mining, Rail, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Construction, Industrial Engineering, Defence, Steel Processing

The ethos of Hillfoot is that all customers, however large or small their usage of steel may be, are equally important to the ongoing success of the business.

Our caring and committed team strive to identify the specific needs of each customer prior to even opening a trading account. We provide service and product that match the specific requirements of the clients and their supply chain. A three month care-package for new customers allows us to nurture trust and inspire loyalty through the relationship. These are key foundations in how we approach our business.

This process of ‘review, adjust and build’ is continuously undertaken, whether a new customer or a long-standing contractual partner, to ensure we have up to date information on the changing needs of our customers’. This is particularly important in the current steel market conditions, as forward forecast requirements are ever changing due to end user inventory levels being tailored around “just in time” deliveries.

How do we do this?

The business is modelled on a 5-step account process called Future One Framework, which is a best practice account management process.

This ensures all requirements are known prior to making a proposal and that once orders or contracts are secured the business follows up with scheduled implementation plans which are managed and reviewed on a regular basis.

To support development of strong relationships with customers, our teams hold regular face-to-face or video conference meetings which can be periodic or organised quickly if required. 

Contact us for more information about Hillfoot’s commitment to understanding your specific needs and steel requirements.