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Designed to allow almost any shape or structure to be constructed, high-strength tensioning bars are of one the architect’s closest allies.

In fact, with high-performance properties, they reinforce concrete, helping to create buildings which might have otherwise been impossible to design and build.

At Hillfoot, we work closely with the leading suppliers and manufacturers of these bar systems, which are then used within the construction industry. 

Whether it’s a bridge or an airport, a civil engineering or an architectural project, Hillfoot can support your supply chain by offering quality products, complemented by a bespoke stocking agreement. This can be tailored to fit your exacting requirements, while helping to increase the speed of construction and reduce material costs.

Our materials are available in various lengths and strengths

  • We supply both carbon and alloy steel with a min yield strength of 520 N/mm2 M12-M150
  • Multiple bar lengths are stocked, up to 12.5mtrs

For more technical details, please get in touch

Hillfoot's supply chain management can benefit your organisation

Hillfoot is best-in-class at providing supply chain solutions to manage your raw material demand. We help you to control your inventory levels, in the most cost-effective manner. 

By utilising our innovative Future One (F1) process, we work with clients across all market sectors to fully get to grips with their supply chain and consequently provide the best-fit solution in terms of material availability and performance, cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

For more information about technical design or metallurgical support requirements, please contact our technical specialist Kasia Price on 0114 250 3639 or via email