Product Development


Mining, Industrial Engineering, Defence, Recycling, Power Generation, Automotive / Motorsport

Hillfoot demonstrated our ability to drive operational efficiencies through innovative design by developing a new way to produce and supply parts forged to nett shapes, which we can also deliver semi or fully-machined if required.

Our commercial and technical teams have worked closely with major OEMs to transform the traditional route to a modified nett shaped forging.

For the manufacturers who use this type of bespoke forged ring, our new route has resulted in a more efficient supply chain, which has reduced both costs and lead times.  

How we do it

Using bespoke tooling, we adapt the shaping technique to resemble the grain flow of independently forged rings. The ingot is press forged to near-shape of the component, in multiples as a bar form. The grain flow mirrors the intricate shape to further strengthen the critical areas of the part.

This new forged product is offered in lengths up to 1.85m in multiple dimensions.

Below is an example of the shape once sawn:

MMD Forged Rings


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