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832M13 - 3.4% Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Case Hardening Steel

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832M13 grade steel is a nickel-chromium alloy case hardening steel that is specified for heavy duty highly-stressed applications.

When carburised and hardened cores strengths of 850 - 1230 N/mm² are attainable. The presence of chromium increases hardenability, while the nickel content increases toughness and resistance to stock.

The addition of molybdenum further increases this material’s hardenability when compared with grade 655M13 and improves its core strength after heat treatment.

Size Range

32mm - 860mm Dia

Typical applications of 832M13 grade steel

  • High duty gears for aircraft
  • Heavy vehicle and automobile transmission components
  • Steering worms
  • Track rod pins
  • Timing wheels
  • Breech mechanisms
  • Small arms parts

832M13 steel is still often referred to as EN36C steel - its equivalent grade under the previous BS 970: 1955 standard.

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