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June 2019 procurement update

11th June 2019

Hillfoot’s procurement operation has enjoyed a busy quarter, introducing new equipment and systems that will help us to further improve both our customer service levels and the efficiency of our supply chain.

The key developments of the last three months are:

Capital investment in new cutting equipment

Hillfoot have continued our investment in new cutting equipment by completing the commissioning of our new forged bar saw. This significant capital investment has increased our maximum cutting capability from 680mm diameter to 860mm diameter.

As well as the new saws, we are also investing in an enhanced size range of up to 860mm for stocked grades, with larger sizes available on request. This move to widen our operational offerings and capacity will allow us to fulfil a greater range of customer requirements.

Purchasing team introduced a bespoke MRP system 

We have improved our purchasing and ordering procedures with the introduction of a bespoke MRP system.

With the new processes in place, all inventory categories are perpetually reviewed to ensure they are in line with client demand. This creates a flexible schedule that benefits all stakeholders - including vendor partners, clients and end users, and in particular those operating in ever-changing environments.

The purchasing team is committed to continuous improvement and are now focusing on developing procedures and systems that will allow us to further improve our performance.

Appointment of Ashley Scrimshaw

Hillfoot were delighted to strengthen the purchasing team with the appointment of Ashley Scrimshaw as Senior Buyer. Ashley brings a wealth of industry experience and reinforces our focus on all aspects of the supply chain process.

Contact our team for more information about our procurement operation or any of our products and services. 


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