At Hillfoot, we understand the importance of positioning our business to provide customers with long-term service-driven raw material supply partnerships.

To ensure we effectively engage with our customer base to understand all relevant raw material needs and business drivers, we follow a comprehensive sales engagement process made up of 25 steps through 5 key stages. This is known as Future One.

Download the breakdown of the processes that we explore with our customers to provide Future One below.

View the Future One Process

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not discuss price until all aspects of the customer’s short and long-term raw material needs are established.

Our sales staff are fully trained in delivering the Future One process and have provided the following benefits to our customers, which have positively enhanced their businesses:

    • Improved machinability steel grades to reduce cycle times and promote tool life
    • Packaging and transport cost savings
    • Closer near net shape material, offering reduced cost of metal removal
    • Consistency of price
    • Continuity of raw material supply

For further details, please contact our Regional Sales Management Team who will be happy to discuss our Future One process and how it can help strengthen your raw material supply chain.