<h1>Hillfoot introduces new pallet collection service</h1>

To further enhance and extend the services we offer our customers, Hillfoot now offer a pallet collection service.

Many of our customers are currently required to pay to dispose of unwanted pallets and collars, so Hillfoot will collect and reuse any pallets that are in a usable condition.

We are environmentally conscious and keen to recycle items wherever possible, so this initiative will not only free you from extra costs incurred by disposing of pallets, but also help with minimising Hillfoot’s environmental impact.

How it works

If you are a Hillfoot customer, you simply need to inform us when you have ten or more pallets and/or collars that you would like us to collect. Hillfoot will then arrange with you a mutually convenient time for the pallets to be collected.

As we will be reusing them, we are unable to collect broken or damaged pallets, so all pallets must be in a usable condition.

For more information about our new pallet collection service, or if you have some pallets you would like us to retrieve, please get in touch.