<h1>Hillfoot improves efficiency with new cutting technology</h1>

Following a significant investment in state-of-the-art sawing technology, engineering steel specialist Hillfoot can now offer you improved sawing times, reduced costs and tighter tolerances. 

Our expert team would like to discuss with you how our new sawing capabilities and ongoing commitment to operational excellence can help you to overcome the challenges you face in your production processes, material sourcing and commercial considerations.

Drawing on our experience, technical expertise and new cost base, our team would relish the opportunity to review material diameter and length optimisation to ensure you are minimising wastage and operating at maximum machining efficiency. 

Our sawing service can now work efficiently for almost any one-off or long-term contractual requirements, including: 

  • Any quantity from 1 off to 1000s off
  • 8mm - 12,500mm length
  • 0.50mm - 3mm sawn edge tolerances

Hillfoot have one of the largest ranges of engineering bar available in the UK and can supply any of our stocked grades cut to size. Click here to access datasheets for all the materials we supply. 

Requirements for repeating parts

If you have a requirement for repeating parts, we can work together to create a stocking agreement to guarantee the availability of your materials and any associated processing services when you need them. 

Hillfoot’s Future One process makes certain that we get to know and fully understand your supply chain requirements and that we develop a custom solution to service your ongoing need as efficiently as possible. That solution will be the best-fit in terms of material availability, material performance, cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability. 

Contact our team to discuss how we can provide your long-term supply chain requirements.