Hillfoot bring you an update on the March 2021 surcharges for carbon and alloy steels.

Peter Morris, Supply Chain Director, said: “Scrap prices are continuing their increase; we observed a slight downward flex in February but this has since rebounded.

Iron ore has also seen marginal increases. This has been reflected in global mills increasing base prices and scrap surcharges. Scrap alone has now increased by 73% in the last 3 months.

Equally, Nickel maintained its upward trajectory through the course of February leading to an increase in alloy surcharges, particularly on the nickel bearing grades such as 817M40, 655M13 and 835M13."

If you have any questions regarding how this may effect your raw material demand, please contact the Hillfoot team for advice on your material requirements, and price and availability information. We will be happy to discuss further.

You can also click here to find out how the changes have affected the surcharge for specific steel grades.