Hillfoot bring you an update on the February 2019 surcharges for carbon and alloy steels.

Surcharges for carbon and alloy steels have fallen for February 2019, as a result of a reduction in the Scrap surcharge.

It has dropped from £266 per tonne in January to £231, bringing down the surcharges on carbon grades to their lowest level since May 2018.

The surcharges for Alloy grades have also dipped, with many reaching their lowest point in more than six months.

Explaining the change, Hillfoot’s Executive Director Simon Taylor said: “The Scrap surcharge has reduced as a consequence of lower production volumes at the end of 2018 and a realignment with other European Scrap surcharges.”

Click here to find out how the changes have affected the surcharge for specific steel grades, or contact the Hillfoot team for advice on your material requirements, and price and availability information.