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Multinational Steel Supply for Mining Industry

Hillfoot are the preferred supplier for all carbon and alloy steel requirements to the world leaders in the mining sector (both above and below ground).

We have established ourselves as key partners for a number of multinational mining companies by working closely with both steel rolling mills and steel forging producers to achieve the highest quality and most reliable and cost-effective supply routes.

Materials are supplied as bar, cut billets or specifically designed step forgings to deliver savings on raw material costs and cut machining times in the workshops of customers and their first tier subcontractors.

Hillfoot’s technical capabilities have proved to be a key factor in building long-term relationships with customers in the mining industry, as our focus on ongoing improvement in material specification and supply routes is hugely effective at driving efficiencies through the supply chain and delivering greater returns for all parties.

Contact our dedicated sales team for more information about how Hillfoot could reduce costs and improve service levels in your steel supply chain.

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